Blandy Hills Elementary Dress Code Policy 2016-2017

                        Mandatory School Uniforms for all Baldwin County Elementary and Middle Schools

School uniforms help to boost a child's self-esteem and encourage the main focus in the classroom to be on education and not fashion.  The potential benefits of school uniforms include instilling discipline, helping students resist peer pressure, and helping school officials recognize intruders who come to the school.  Elementary and middle school students will be expected to wear uniforms Monday - Friday.  Principals may occasionally allow a dress down day on Friday.  Below you will find a detailed list of the approved dress codes for both the elementary and middle schools:

Elementary and Middle School Uniforms Will Consist of the Following:

Girls and Boys

Polo-type collared shirts, Button down collared shirts, Turtlenecks (Red, Black, White, Navy or Light Blue solid color shirt with no designs). In addition, students will be able to wear school colors on specific days as designated by the school.

Blandy Hills:   Burgundy
Creekside:       Hunter green
Eagle Ridge:   Red
Midway:         Purple and Yellow/Gold

Oak Hill Middle:
6th     Yellow/Gold
7th     Blue
8th     Hunter Green
(No T-Shirts)

Jackets:         Any solid color
Long Pants:  Khaki, Black or Navy Blue (No Denim Material)
Shorts:          Khaki, Black or Navy Blue (No Denim Material)
Skirts:           Khaki, Black or Navy Blue (No Denim Material)
Skorts:          Khaki, Black or Navy Blue (No Denim Material)
Dresses:        Khaki, Black or Navy Blue (No Denim Material)

Appropriate Dress

If the school Principal allows a dress down day, the following guidelines will apply: Neat and appropriate dress is expected of all students.  Any extremities in dress may be questioned, and parents may be contacted.  To be acceptable, skirts, shorts, and dresses must be mid-thigh or longer.  Clothing that displays or implies profane, vulgar or obscene language/gestures, illegal activities, or offensive material will not be permitted.  Clothing that displays alcohol, beer, drug, or tobacco logos, products, or advertising will not be permitted.

Tank tops are not to be worn on campus as the only outer garment.  Blouses, shirts, and slacks must not expose the midriff or undergarments.  Knee high socks must be solid color.  All students are required to wear shoes.  Flip flops, high heels, light up shoes, and shoes with rollers, are not permitted.  Belts are to be worn and fastened in the conventional manner. Pants must be worn at the waist line with a belt. (Sagging will not be permitted.)
Hats, kerchiefs, bandanas, or extreme head attire are not to be worn in the building.
Inappropriate logos may not be worn on the seat of a student’s shorts or pants.  If wearing leggings or jeggings under a skirt or dress, they must be solid color. Joggers and sweat pants are not to be worn.

The multiplicity of styles and frequency of change prohibits detail itemizing of all patterns of dress and grooming. Grooming, personal hygiene, and dress may in no way distract from the learning process of the students or of others.